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    Syracuse Funeral Home Florist 


We are required by our local funeral homes to have funeral tributes delivered no later than 1 hour before a service is to begin, this gives the funeral home time to place all tributes in an appropriate place for best visual effect.


  If we are unable to accomodate your request due to  late ordering we will make every attempt to notify you.


  Suggestions For What To Send 


   Homestyle Arrangement: An arrangement in a vase, basket, or ceramic container that is made appropriate for the funeral home but also for the family to easily transport home for longer enjoyment.  You can select from something as simple as a single rose to a lush vase of seasonal flowers.  The average price for a homestyle is $75.00


Standing Sprays: A floral arrangement that is not in a container, hangs on a stand. Typically sent by family members, business associates and friends who want a showey display, range in varying sizes and prices from $60.00-$300.00


Traditional Mache: A floral tribute in a mache container, triangular, or fan shaped. Typically sent by family members, business associates and friends who want a showey display. Mache arrangements are available in varying sizes and prices ranging from $50.00 to $300.00 (see above left photo)


 Hearts, Crossses and Wreaths: Are floral tributes that a usually order by family members and close friends.  They hang on a stand at the funeral home and will most often be transport to the burial grounds.

Casket Sprays: A floral covering for the lid of the casket. Usually sent by the closest living relative of the deceased. Prices range from $100.00 to $500.00 or more with the average being $250.00(see above right photo)


Flowers to the deceased families home is always welcome and most appropriate.


315-446-0862 (for our DeWitt location)

315-479-5555 (for our Syracuse location)

1-866-479-5557 (for our out of town customers)


  We hope you have found this information to be helpful in making a selection. If you need futher assistance do not hesitate to call us with your preferences, concerns, or for suggestions.


 Coleman Florist Inc.